Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Animation of man putting sunglasses through Hang Glider
Photo of Hang Glider on a backpack
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Photo of man wearing Hang Glider with sunglasses in it
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder
Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder

Hang Glider Magnetic Glasses Holder

Never lose your sunglasses again.
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How many pairs of sunglasses have you lost either sliding off your head, leaving them behind at a restaurant, or dropping and scratching them?

We'll wait while you count.

Never again with the Hang Glider.

  • Strong magnets hold the Hang Glider in place
  • You can hang it anywhere - collar, pockets, bags
  • Your glasses glide in and out for super easy access
  • If you bend over, your glasses will stay safe and secure
  • Patent pending design that is an alternative to straps and cords
  • Choose from either a vegetable-tanned leather that gets better with age, or a triple-layered vegan leather with velvet backing

This Hang Glider was made after Michelle's husband Matt lost his expensive sunglasses to a lake after bending over the side of a boat.

Your eyewear will stay in place anywhere you put this Hang Glider. Most people wear it on their shirt collar, or sideways between buttons on a button-down shirt.

Hangs on right side up:

Hang Glider placed vertically


And even sideways for your button downs:

Hang Glider placed horizontally



This product uses magnets. Do not use this product with any pacemaker, defibrillator or any equipment that may be damaged by being in close range of magnetic force.

You can return your like-new product free of charge for a full refund within 60 days.

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Every Day Use

You want to take care of your eyewear - that's why you have the big, clunky case it came with.

But let's be honest. You stopped lugging that case around months ago, and started shoving your glasses in your bag. And they get scratched.

This is the way to keep them easily accessible while keeping them from getting destroyed.

Sunglasses retainer is great for fishing and hiking
How it works

Strong magnets!

The Hang Glider uses really strong magnets to stay attached. You can put it anywhere it can hang - your pocket, on your collar, on your button-up, and even on your backpack or purse.

Let it hang

Upside Down, Sideways, Right Side Up.

The Hang Glider has a channel on the front - just glide your glasses through, and they'll stay hanging in place. It's as easy as that.

When using the Hang Glider sideways, your glasses can glide right through the loop.

Hang Glider is an alternative to sunglasses straps and cords
It looks stylish

Not gonna lie.

We designed this for people that don't want to use ugly straps or cords to hold their glasses. This sunglasses retainer looks great, even when your glasses aren't in the holder.

Wear the leather glasses retainer anywhere
Sunglasses retainer is great for fishing and hiking
The perfect gift

It's the perfect gift for your eyeglass-wearing loved one who can't stop losing or scratching their glasses.

  • Keeps you from dropping your glasses
  • Prevents you from leaving them behind
  • Saves your expensive eyewear from scratches, lens breaks, etc.
Michelle scratch pad

Designed in Austin

After Matt's sunglasses fell off his head and into the water, Michelle knew there had to be a better way. After she got back to her studio, she began drawing prototypes for what would eventually become the Hang Glider.

Vegetable Tanned and Vegan Leather Options

Choose Your Glider

Each leather Hang Glider is crafted using vegetable tanned leather, which naturally patinas and gets better with age.

For those that prefer, we also have a vegan leather option, which is triple layered to give a durability similar to real leather.

Kayce on helipad

An Idea That Spread

Michelle originally made these for herself and a few friends. After constantly being asked by others where she bought it, she decided to make this the debut product for City Bred.

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