You should absolutely love
the gear you use every day.

Travel bags, sunglass clips, packing cubes, your own brain…
We can’t do much about that last one, but we can improve the other stuff.

The whole reason we started City Bred? To make stuff we love to use.

Turns out, other people love our stuff too.

From the Hang Glider (never drop your sunglasses again) to the Go Bag (the only bag you’ll ever need), City Bred is about making the little things in life more fun.

Hi, we’re Michelle and Alan.

Since meeting in college, we’ve been friends for more than 15 years. In 2021, we co-founded City Bred.

Michelle designs our products, and Alan is in charge of helping nice people like you find us. (Hey, look! It worked!)

Michelle & Alan
Michelle designing at her workshop
Our design process.

Every City Bred product starts as a handmade prototype in Michelle's workshop in sunny Austin, Texas.

Michelle loves designing accessories because instead of worrying about clothing sizes, she gets to focus on making products that are beautiful and functional — no matter who’s using them.

She also loves creating essentials like the Go Bag and Hang Glider, because there’s plenty of room to improve the everyday experience of travel (while still looking fly as heck).

As the third generation in a family of Lao makers, Michelle’s handiwork carries on the tradition of her great-grandmother — a master weaver who taught other women how to weave their own clothes and textiles. 

Fun fact: When designing her original Journey Bag, which later inspired our Go Bag, Michelle made a ton of sketches first. Like, a ton:

Duffel Prototypes
Sketch pad with bag prototypes

Then she turned her sketches into paper prototypes. Then she handmade THREE leather prototypes. THEN she made every single bag herself before finally launching the Journey Bag on Kickstarter. (We got tired just reading that. Maybe we should do more cardio.)

These days, Michelle’s intensive design process is the same. She starts with sketches, then creates prototypes to refine, then decides on the perfect materials to execute her vision.

So when you buy from City Bred, you’re actually buying Michelle’s thoughtful, detail-obsessed, design-process perfection. We love that for you.

Easy returns & exchanges

How do you know you’ll like something if you can't spend some time with it?

With our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, you can hold on to your City Bred items for a full two months. If you don’t fall in love by the end, let us know at and we’ll set up an exchange or give you a full refund.

Ships from Texas

Your order will ship the same business day from Austin, Texas (land of tacos, big hats, and bigger opinions).

Waiting is a bummer — so fast and secure ground shipping will bring your order straight to your door in just 2-5 days. Expedited options are available for the impatient.

Made by real humans

We love to hear from our customers, even — and especially — if there’s a problem.

If you have any questions, need help exchanging an order, or just want to know if it’s worth seeing the Congress Street Bridge bats on your visit to Austin, hit us up at