Soar High With City Bred Airlines

Ready to get crafty? Transform your Weekender travel bag box into an epic cardboard jet in just a few steps! Here's your quick checklist:

  • <30 minutes of your day for some creative magic
  • Scissors or box cutters (preferred) to carve out your runway-ready plane
  • A dab of duct tape or a swipe of glue (preferred) to hold your airborne dream together
  • An unamused dog

Dog in airplane cardboard box


On the outside, your box looks like a normal branded box:

Airplane Box Step 1

But the inside is full of surprises... and printed cut lines.


Here's how to transform your box:

Step 1)

Cut off the top of your box along this red line:

Airplane Box Step 2

This bottom section will be the airplane's hull:

Airplane Box Step 3


Step 2)

Cut along the printed line, highlighted in red below. 

Box cutters are really helpful here, since the angle can be a little awkward with scissors.

Repeat for the other side.

Airplane Box Step 3a


Here's what it looks like now:

Airplane Box Step 5


Step 3)

Cut a slit along this highlighted line.  Make sure to keep the sloped angle of the line - this helps keeps the wings of your airplane pointed up.

Box cutters make this step a little easier.

Repeat for the other side.

Airplane Box Step 6


And here it is with the slits cut:

Airplane Box Step 7


Step 4)

Cut another slit along this line, highlighted in red:

Airplane Box Step 8


Step 5)

Cut the 2 propellers out along these red lines:

Airplane Box Step 9


Your propellers will look like this, with rounded ends:

Airplane Box Step 10


Step 6)

Cut off the top of the box along these red lines:

Airplane Box Step 11


Step 7)

Cut out the 2 wings along the printed lines.  Your wings will look like this:

Airplane Box Step 12


Step 8)

Slide the wings into the side slots of the airplane hull.  Slide the wings in about 2".

Tip: if the wings aren't pointed up slightly, push this part inward (in toward the hull) slightly:

Airplane Box Step 13


Step 9)

Cut out the blue circle dot, this is the button nose for your propellers.

Step 10)

Cut along the dotted line on the tail

Airplane Box Step 14

Step 11)

Time to start assembling!  Slide one part of the tail into the slot of the other:

Airplane Box Step 15

And then slide that assembled piece into the slot you created for the tail:

Airplane Box Step 16

Step 12)

Next, glue (preferable) or tape the button nose to the propellers:

Airplane Box Step 17

Step 13)

Glue/tape the propeller to the front of the box

Airplane Box Step 18


Step 14)

Pick up your plane and do airplane zoomies around the house, let your cat have a new nap box, or watch your child become the next pilot.

(but really, we just didn't want to end with the number 13)


We would love to see your new creation!  Tag us on your favorite social media @wearecitybred.